February 23, 2017
200-400# Beef Steers155To170Per hundred wgt
400-600# Beef Steers135To170Per hundred wgt
600-800# Beef Steers125To146Per hundred wgt
800-1000# Beef Steers115To124Per hundred wgt
200-400# Beef Heifers130To141Per hundred wgt
400-600# Beef Heifers125To141Per hundred wgt
600-800# Beef Heifers117To130Per hundred wgt
800-1000# Beef Heifers110To121Per hundred wgt
200-400# Hol Steers70To80Per hundred wgt
400-600# Hol Steers65To75Per hundred wgt
600-800# Hol Steers65To75Per hundred wgt
800-1000# Hol Steers65To75Per hundred wgt
Top Cows63To71Per hundred wgt
Good Cows55To62Per hundred wgt
Low Yielding Cows40To54Per hundred wgt
Top Bulls85To90Per hundred wgt
Good Bulls78To85Per hundred wgt
Low Yielding Bulls65To77Per hundred wgt


Regular Sales Every Thursday
Sales Schedule PDF

For consignments for upcoming sale call the Market phone at 218-694-3701.

We would like to thank all our buyers & sellers this week. If you have any cattle to buy, sell or be looked at, call us.

Sales are every Thursday at 11:00 or otherwise posted. You can view our auction online at

Bagley Livestock Exchange
PO Box 428
Bagley, MN 56621

Market Phone: (218) 694-3701
Fax: (218) 694-3700

Owners: Joe Varner & Billy Bushelle
Manager: Billy Bushelle