Market Report for October 18, 2016
Total receipts:
100# Hol Calves30To100Per head
Common and Cull20To90Per head
110-200# Hol Bull100To175Per head
200-300# Hol Steers130To250Per head
300-400# Hol Steers80To100Per hundred wt
400-600# Hol Steers70To99Per hundred wt
600-800# Hol Steers70To88Per hundred wt.
800-1000# Hol Steers65To84Per hundred wt
200-550# X-bred Steers110To130Per hundred wt
200-550# X-bred Heifers100To130Per hundred wt
550-800# X-bred Steers100To125Per hundred wt
800-1000# X-bred Steers92To118Per hundred wt
800-1000# X-bred Heifers88To110Per hundred wt
Fat Beef Steers89To92Per hundred wt
Fat Beef Heifers88To91Per hundred wt
Fat Holstein Steers78To88Per hundred wt
Bulk of Cows50To60Per hundred wt
Top Cows60To65Per hundred wt
Thin-Full Belly30To50Per hundred wt
Market Bulls73To84Per hundred wt
Bulls – Drug FreeToPer hundred wt

Regular Sales Every Tuesday
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Fergus Falls Livestock Market
PO Box 602
Fergus Falls, MN 56538-0602

Market Phone: (218) 998-0561
Fax: (218) 998-0560

Owner: Joe Varner – 320-630-9484
Managers: Ed Bilden & Billy Taylor